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Find Trusted, Qualified Caregivers

All of our caregivers and pre-screened, licensed, and fully trained and supervised. We encourage you to meet with and talk to our caregivers. You should never have to worry about who is with your loved one.

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We’re Excellent Matchmakers

We are great at matching our professional caregivers with seniors who need extra help at home. You can request to meet and interview two or three of our caregivers and pick the one you feel will be the best match for your loved one. While we only hire the best caregivers, we understand that some personalities are sometimes a better fit for a family.

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Our Caregivers and the Best of the Best

It is hard to get a job working with us as a caregiver. We are proud of the reviews our caregivers regularly receive. Our caregivers have worked with seniors who are retired admirals and men and women from every walk of life. Some of our caregivers have been working with us for over 17 years.

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We’ve been there. We understand.

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Welcome to Our Community

We offer a range of services depending on the needs of your family and those of your loved one. We have live-in caregivers who help with all your loved ones non-medical needs. We also offer hospice care to help your loved one transition as comfortably as possible at the end of their life. We also offer more specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. We understand seniors struggling with these conditions need special care and precautions.

Live-In Care

Live-In Care

Our live-in care services delivers the highest quality care and peace of mind. You will always know your loved one is being taken care of 24-hours a day. Our live-in caregivers attend to any immediate needs, take care of day-to-day care and tasks, and provide your loved one with companionship.

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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Death is a natural part of the life cycle. More people are choosing to live out their last days in their own home, surrounded by the familiar instead of an institution. Hospice care is a special type of in-home care that usually lasts for less than a year.

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Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care

For many seniors and their families a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. Our caregivers work to give seniors the highest quality of life possible, and allow them to live in their home or the home of a loved one for as long as possible.

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What We Do

We know you can’t be everywhere. We provide professional care the same attention to detail you would give if you were able to be with your loved one full-time.

Professional and Understanding Caregivers

We believe being a caregiver is more than just a job. It’s a calling. Our elite team of caregivers goes beyond the basics when caring for your loved one.

Knowledgeable and Open Team

We believe our caregivers and you are part of a team working together to make life better for your loved one. Our caregivers are always willing to listen and to explain any issues with your loved one’s care.

Full 24-Hour Support

We make sure our clients always have the help they need. We address any problems or concerns right away with our on-call 24-hour support team.

Ongoing Care, Management, and Support

We understand the demands of caring for a senior with health or mobility issues can be challenging, especially while trying to balance your own life.

Our geriatric managers are there to help make sure your love one is getting the care he or she needs and the support required to live a healthy and happy life. We work with you to address any special concerns and make sure that you always know what is going on with the care of your loved one. Our caregivers and office staff are always available to bring you up to date and to listen to your suggestions or worries. We are here to support you as well as provide care for your loved one.

  • Live-In Care
  • 24-Hour Service and Support
  • Best Non-Medical Care Anywhere
  • Fully Screened & Licensed Caregivers
  • You Pick the Best Match for Your Loved One
  • Expert Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Hospice Care and Transition Services
  • Caregivers that Partner With You
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Caregivers
  • Health and Happiness of Your Loved is Our Priority

  • Suzan V

  • Vivian N

  • Margaret J

  • I can't thank your agency enough for the wonderful serviced care being given to my grandmother during this last moment of her life. Marie is awesome and always wears a smile whenever she is around. I am always happy and always looking forward to her arrival because of the way she handles my grandmother. It is a great comfort for her to know she has so many loving people around her.

  • We can't thank Gloria enough for your assistance and her sacrifice during our time of need. We felt so good, very relief and very confident that dad is in good hands when we couldn't be there for him. We could not have crossed this hurdle without your help. You have shown us unusual kindness and compassion.

  • For over 3 years now, I have used Advanced Senior Care Services. I couldn't have asked for more, because of your trustworthiness, responsiveness, compassion and professionalism through these difficult times. The caregivers and staff at Advanced Senior Care has stood by my family providing 24/7 in-home hospice care for my dad. I trust them implicitly. They are excellent at giving me updates of what is going with my dad. You have my deepest thanks and my highest recommendation.